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) Step 2: Click one of the links above; whichever game you wish to upload to. Yellow Fading to Black.

New Upload Rules - 2021.

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Image. Enter your upload code. This is a video on how to do custom uploads on Graal Era.

Many players, such as Yogy, Lucy, and iPink have their own websites on which they upload customs for either a fee of mushrooms/shells, or for free.

I stayed up all night editing my upload before making this video, so better videos to come. Cc bodies. .

Type in your Graal ID. Hi guys, so I was looking at other sites when I saw this post at aruegfx, these are the animations that are not allowed in graal era.

lyviagfx says: 20.

Select “custom head” (A head is 20000g normally, but if the prices have changed it will say on the website.

Check this link if you want to know what uploads are: https. .

http://loginclassic1. .

- No images that may be deemed racist, offensive, gory, violent, or inappropriate to the game.
) Step 2: Click one of the links above; whichever game you wish to upload to.



. Enter your account information. .

Like Like. Zoom:. Step 1: Save the head or body to your computer by right clicking on it. i have try this head before and its work. I show you step by step on how to upload to your character If you enjoy this video or it helps. .

If you like the collection and want me choice, please click given under the body.

com:8080/submit. 9.

Out of all the people i know In Graal Online Era.



If the admins do not accept the bodies is ok that is era being dumb , wait an hour and upload it again.