We need a mailbox at the Destination in order to be able to migrate data.


Please, verify that the user has an Exchange Online License. If the user is running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook 2010, determine whether the issue is related to configuration of the user's mailbox or the Autodiscover service.



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Nov 8, 2022 · It could be that the admin has not assigned an Exchange online license to your account yet, or in some cases, it could be that your admin has changed in license settings lately.

The user does Have No Mailbox and No License Assigned. The user mailbox will remain in Exchange Online until it is deleted, permanently removed or purged by the Office 365 admin. Most organizations have very few global administrators because it gives users complete control over your Microsoft 365 tenant.

. User stays, it's the mailbox and OneDrive data that will be deleted after certain period after license is removed.

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Note that I am still testing and am using the Teams Exploratory licensing.

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For shared mailboxes, and resource mailboxes without a license, the ExchangeOnline mailbox plan is assigned, regardless of the default. Resolution.

Jun 9, 2022 · Follow these steps to confirm the issue in Microsoft 365: Log in to the Microsoft 365 tenant using a Global Admin account, and go to the Admin page.

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Because the old database GUID has been deleted, the attempt. The default mailbox plan is used as the default template for new user mailboxes that you create without a license (because the license specifies the mailbox plan). The HTTP proxy on the CAS tries to locate the mailbox database by using the old database GUID within the cache.

Make sure user licenses are assigned. . . Nov 25, 2019 · class=" fc-falcon">This is just a quick one. This is the error that is throwing: X-ClientId: C81316A6F3794F33B3D2F6CDFDC67981 request-id: e06f9a86-9a51-476f-bc1c. "In Exchange Online.


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Because the old database GUID has been deleted, the attempt.

It could be the admin has not assigned Exchange online license to your account yet, or in some cases it could be your admin has made a change lately in license settings.

For files in SharePoint and OneDrive, the Sensitivity button automatically adjusts to show sensitivity labels corresponding to the Office account used to access the file.